Immunization for everyone – how effective is the first dose of vaccine?

Although vaccination is open to all adults as of Monday 31 May, 38% of French people have already received at least one dose of the vaccine. What kind of immunity? Answer with L’Indépendant.

As of Sunday, May 30, France has begun 25.5 million injections of the first dose of the Covid vaccine. Since Monday, vaccinations are open to all adults in the country, showing a clear acceleration in the vaccination campaign.

Hence, in the next few days, they will be in the millions to receive their first dose of vaccine. Here is the immunity provided by these vaccines from the first dose.

Pfizer and Moderna

This takes 7 to 10 days. after the second dose vaccines to give the vaccinated subject the most optimal protection (95% for Pfizer). However, research has shown that people vaccinated with these messenger RNA vaccines begin to develop protection against the vaccine. two weeks after the first dose up to 80%. Important!


The vaccine, now called Vaxzevria, is reaching efficacy, according to data from clinical trials by a British laboratory. 76% during the first injection and from the 22nd day


Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine is the only vaccine on the market that requires just one dose. It offers 67% protection against Covid-19. two weeks after injection… These numbers increase significantly when we are talking about serious cases. The Janssen vaccine prevents 85% of hospitalizations and reduces mortality by 100%, again according to laboratory data.

What about barrier gestures?

As we can see, only the second dose of the vaccine provides optimal protection. Meanwhile, vaccinated people do not receive a “pass” to lift restrictive measures, especially in public places where the same rules apply to everyone.

Regardless, in the private sector, the General Directorate of Health believes that if vaccinated people find themselves among themselves, they can do without barrier gestures. These rules can be relaxed when vaccinated people come into contact with unvaccinated people. Caution will persist, in particular when serving a six-person caliber at a table.

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