Immunization in Manitoba Continues Through Small Centers | Coronavirus

At a press conference Wednesday, Co-Chair of Manitoba’s Vaccine Campaign Task Force, Johan Bota, explained that the province may have initially relied on its vaccination supercenters, but must now focus on other ways to immunize the population.

He recalled that Manitoba has organized various initiatives such as the vaccine-a-ton, mobile clinics in provincial parks and the $ 2 million lottery.

The province will also deploy its mobile vaccination centers to the Health South region next week to try to reduce vaccination rates in some areas, Botha said.

The number of doses is less than often indicated, but continues to improve the situation.– he clarified.

Johanu Botha added that emergency room staff at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center are trained around the clock to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Found 25,000 Manitobans Ready to Immunize

Manitoba is committed to meeting its third vaccination goal: 80% of the eligible population have been vaccinated once and 75% have been vaccinated twice by Labor Day.

To do this, Botha said 25,000 more Manitobis will need to receive their first dose of the vaccine, and 13,000 have already made an appointment.

To reach the second target dose, 140,000 Manitoba residents still need immunization and 80,000 people need to be booked.

Last Saturday, the province embarked on phase 2 of its release from restrictions, encouraged by the success of the vaccination campaign. Nearly 78% of Manitobi residents over the age of 12 received their first dose of the vaccine, and 63% received two doses.

Slowdown in August

In a background note released on Wednesday, Manitoba said it expects significant dose cuts to be introduced in August, but does not believe this will interfere with vaccination targets for the Phase 3 economic recovery.

According to provincial forecasts released on Wednesday, demand for vaccines will continue to rise throughout July, especially for second doses. Thus, 15,000 doses have to be administered on Wednesday, and almost 25,000 on July 30.

During the first 10 days of August, the number of doses administered every day will decrease to 1000-6000.

This decrease is in line with the reduction in vaccine supply confirmed by the federal government.

Manitoba expects to receive 147,000 doses of vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech during the week of July 26, followed by 90,000 doses per week over the next two weeks. No further Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine shipments have been confirmed since mid-August, and no vaccine shipments from Moderna or otherwise have been confirmed by the end of the month.

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