In 2021, over 21,700 cyber incidents were reported in Switzerland.

In 2021, the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) recorded 21,714 cyber incident reports, nearly double the number from 10,833 a year earlier. However, most of them are associated with failed attack attempts.

The spike in reporting can be attributed to the introduction of a new reporting form at the end of 2020, the NCSC said in a report released Thursday. But the revival of some phenomena also contributed to this growth.

Threat emails

As in the previous year, in 2021 NCSC had the most reported fraud attempts, with over 11,300 cases in total. “Fake sextortion” prevailed in the first semester and several waves were observed.

Since October, the number of threatening emails has increased dramatically. These e-mails purportedly from law enforcement require the payment of a fine or bail. This long-known phenomenon in France was the cause of most of the reports in November and December last year.

Other frequent reports last year were prepaid scams (2,704 ads), investment scams (397), ad scams (820), and president scams (394).


The second half of 2021 was also marked by numerous Trojan horse attacks, also known as ransomware. These methods consist of data encryption and a subsequent ransom demand.

Here, bandits are increasingly resorting to double blackmail. Before encrypting the data, they make a copy and thus have an additional means of pressure: if the victim refuses to pay the ransom, the criminals threaten to release the data.

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