In 2021, Synology sets course for the enterprise

Hard to be 20 in the year 2020? Not for Synology. At the dawn of its third decade, the NAS specialist continues to grow and displays its ambitions in the professional sector for 2021. With 7 million NAS systems sold worldwide, Synology has gradually transformed into a player recognized by the general public to be a challenger in corporate markets. “Data is at the heart of transformation in all industries,” notes Alexandra Bejan, Marketing Manager at Synology.

Organizations have an important need to manage this data in a simple, secure and reliable way. And Synology solutions are designed exactly to meet these business needs. ” A strong sign of this ability to support international structures, the company was recently entrusted by UNESCO with the establishment of a storage and backup infrastructure for its 70 offices located around the world. “We provided a tailor-made solution consisting of two NAS servers for each site,” explains Alexandra Bejan. The first responsible for providing storage resources for the virtual machines, the second dedicated to their backup. “

New competition in the cloud and data center

“Our competitors have changed,” continues Marcos de Santiago, Head of Product Management France and Southern Europe at Synology. We are winning more and more projects against major players in the data center. Our products allow us to achieve the same performance at much more affordable prices.

Companies are aware of the importance of data for their future and at the same time are vigilant about their investments, which is especially true in the current economic environment on a global scale. ” Synology is also positioning its offers against the public cloud. In a particularly unstable year for companies in 2020, many IT projects have been shaken up.

The ability to work remotely has become a key issue for business continuity and many organizations were not ready for this massive use of telework. So they naturally turned to the cloud to get the resources they needed very quickly.

“When storage needs increase, costs can quickly become significant,” says Marcos De Santiago. “For a company of 10 people, the cost of a cloud service will be the same as that of a DS920 + NAS after just one year. “. Synology also offers, for companies that wish to continue using cloud services, to back up this SaaS data locally, to ensure its security and governance.

As easy in the office as it is at home

But Synology is not just fighting on the price side. By combining its physical equipment, its DiskStation Manager operating system and its application catalog, Synology offers them a complete solution to implement these new uses, but above all very simple. In addition to their primary storage and backup functions, the products integrate all the productivity capabilities (file sharing and synchronization, collaboration, chat, calendar, etc.) that professionals need to work from anywhere.

“It’s extremely intuitive,” continues Marcos de Santiago. Our OS is the same for all our products and can therefore meet the needs of individuals as easily as those of large corporate accounts ”. And this in complete safety. The system allows precise configuration of the authorizations in order to define which user can access which resource. Encryption technology is also integrated with a key manager which allows in particular the use of a USB storage device as a physical key.

“A VPN solution is also included for free in our NAS,” says Ivan Lebowski, Product Manager at Synology. The system can thus be transformed into a VPN server in order to allow users to connect securely to their local network. “A possibility that should interest many companies looking for resilience for 2021.

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