In 2022 a Rio carnival without Covid restrictions, promises the mayor – France 24

Published on: 10/04/2021 – 03:08

Brasilia (AFP)

The mayor of Rio promised this Sunday to do everything possible for a 2022 edition of the carnival without social distancing, counting on an anti-Covid vaccine that will later be in place, after a 2021 edition canceled due to a pandemic.

“Who will stay to respect the distance at the carnival? It is ridiculous to ask for a meter of distance,” Eduardo Paes declared during a public intervention in Rio.

“By November we will be vaccinating the entire population of Rio de Janeiro with the two doses … From then on we will probably have no more restrictions and surely we will have carnival, one of the largest carnivals we will have, without restrictions,” he said.

Only the city of almost 7 million inhabitants has more than 34,000 deaths and 480,000 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, which has hit Brazil hard, the second most affected country after the United States with almost 600,000 deaths.

Rio has already vaccinated 99.2% of those over 12 years of age with one dose and 65.9% with two.

Rio de Janeiro authorities hope that advances in vaccination in the coming months will allow the New Year’s Eve celebrations to be authorized at the end of December.

In recent weeks, the mayor of Rio has authorized the holding of “test” events, such as soccer matches or parties without mandatory masks, on the condition that they have a vaccination certificate or negative test.

From September 15, a health pass is mandatory to visit the emblematic tourist places of Rio.

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