In 2022, business priorities will be focused on the environment and talent retention

Despite the many challenges that have arisen in 2021 as a result of the pandemic in business, the new year is shaping up to be very different. Despite the still significant impact of the health crisis, companies are looking to the future and are already laying the foundations for serene growth in this “new normal”. What are the priorities you will focus on next year?

In 2022, companies could be crippled by the loss of their best talent

If this summer the United States was affected by the “Great Renunciation”, European companies are in turn experiencing a barrage of resignations. This trend could continue notably in France until next year, in a context in which employees voluntarily take stock of their preferences in the workplace, thus redefining their priorities.

The labor market is characterized by both strong competition and a shortage of skills and talents. Added to this reality is the arrival of new work methods as a result of the pandemic, which allow employees to change companies frequently. This observation refers mainly to the new generation of employees who are looking to revitalize the way they work. The risk for companies is then to lose their best talent if they do not offer such an offer.

Companies adopt a new mindset: “invest to grow”

Since the pandemic, business leaders have changed their view of IT spending. In the last 18 to 24 months, the CEO, who was looking to drive growth, had a power struggle with the CFO, more from a downsizing perspective.

In the end, it is the CFO who has the last word in most companies. However, it is no longer a question of going back: today, power is more finely distributed between the two, and the CEO is making up ground.

The business environment is more positive and somewhat more predictable than in the past. Companies then take more calculated risks, leading CEOs and CFOs to focus on growth, each in their own way. In 2022, companies will need to preserve the overall value of their brand, while investing in new ways to distribute their products or services.

As a result, the exponential growth is expected to impact the following industries: Products as a Service, Managed Services, Subscriptions, and Cloud. Indeed, in order to fully focus on optimizing the brand and its products, companies seek to collaborate with specialists in “computer plumbing”. Companies now want hosting providers and integrators to take over so they are no longer dependent on a private cloud managed by their employees.

This will reassure both CEOs that they will achieve their desired growth trajectory and CFOs that the latter will no longer have the same financial implications. Over time, brands are bridging the chasm between the old and new worlds, trying to ensure the integration of subscription and supply models.

Resolution and IT skills will be the watchwords of CEOs in 2022

The pandemic will impact CEO decisions, which will become more authoritarian, for all sectors.

Right now, for any business, the risk of making mistakes is really detrimental. That is why it is necessary for leaders to be bold so that companies overcome this difficult period and come out stronger than ever. For these decisions to be effective, CEOs must develop a broader and more detailed understanding of their business.

They also need to be aware of what data is available and how they can manage it, as it needs to be listed as an asset on the balance sheet. Because of this, CEOs will need to be much more computer savvy.

To do this, close collaboration between CEOs and CTOs/CDOs is necessary to enable proper capture and understanding of the value of technologies and data. Areas like containers and Kubernetes are particularly relevant as they will allow companies to fully embrace automation, mobility and agility, and streamline the movement of their data.

The consequences for companies that do not comply with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) regulations will be severe

At the company level, ecological awareness is also necessary. It is characterized by the reduction of energy consumption and its carbon footprint. From now on, it is no longer about companies focusing on their success based solely on the measurement of cash inflows and outflows.

Starting in 2022, an evaluation will be carried out based on your commitment to ESG regulations. Subsequently, companies must include this regulation in their balance sheet, indicating the amount of carbon produced and whether they manage to offset it sufficiently. To be more efficient, a data mining of companies is essential to identify patterns and trends, allowing them to identify the most important problems and start looking for a suitable solution.

Paradoxically, however, it is often traditional data centers and infrastructures for hosting and analyzing data that enable data to be harnessed. However, these tools barely comply with ESG regulations. According to various estimates, 2% of the world’s energy consumption is linked to data centers, which corresponds almost to the consumption of the aeronautical industry.

Sustainable data centers and more energy-efficient technologies like flash storage are attracting more and more brands. This trend will also accelerate. Seemingly minor changes should not be overlooked as they can have a significant impact on ESG commitments. This may include the move from spinning disk storage to modern flash storage. The year 2022 promises to be the first blow to curb all technologies that prove to be energy inefficient.

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