In 2023, we will finally bury PS4 and Xbox One

There is always an end. PS4 and Xbox One won’t last long. Alright, 2023 should finally mark the beginning of the PS5 and Xbox Series X era.

Hamburg – Shut up, the console is dead. Blockbusters like Starfield, Dead Space or Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League can already be expected in 2023 games. , Xbox Series X and PC. Looks like we finally got past Last Gen. A good reason to party.

Console name PlayStation 4 (PS4) Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Type Fixed game console Generation 08 console generation Media Blu-Ray Released November 29, 2013

PS4 and Xbox One: The final curtain will fall in 2023

We loved them with all our hearts, but now we have to face the truth: PS4 and Xbox One are just a drag. It heavily influences everything we do and requires a lot of attention from developers and publishers just to stay alive. Today, when you’re designing a game for multiple generations, such as PS4 and PS5, you’re actually designing for the outgoing generation.

From a business standpoint, this certainly makes sense. More platforms – more options for withdrawing money. But from a game point of view, this profit maximization pushes the industry into the background. The possibilities offered by the PS5 and Xbox One cannot play their magnificent muscles with the heaviness of aging technology. At the same time, technological progress on the PC is stifled because it also adheres to the graphical standards of current consoles.

When was the production of past generation consoles discontinued?

Over the past few decades, console cycles have fallen and risen at their own pace. Production of the PlayStation 3, for example, was halted in 2017, just three years after the release of the PlayStation 4, and production of the PlayStation 2 only began in 2012, a full six years after the release of the PlayStation 3. So the end of a console generation is a very individual process. .

2023 should finally mark the long-awaited shift that new consoles will release. Despite shipping issues, Current Gen has been widely acclaimed by gamers and is just begging to be played as an exclusive. This is the golden age of PS5 and Xbox Series X. Developers no longer have to consider the past or next generation of consoles, and they can use all the strengths of these platforms.

PS4 and Xbox One: In 2023, players will have to learn to let go

Wait, some players might just scream. Not everyone can and wants to afford a console as expensive as Sony’s PS5, should we be rejected too? The answer is relentless and bitter: yes. PS4 and Xbox One have The Last of Us Part 2, and Halo Infinite has reached its limit. Anyone who seriously wants to stay at this technical level has a hard time accepting change, but is not a friend of the future of video game media.

Selling Xbox One.

The pioneers always had to put their hands in their pockets. But if they didn’t, what would today’s video games look like? Certainly not as generous as Forspoken, Final Fantasy 16 or Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiers. This is certainly an undesirable and even dishonest situation. However, opportunities like cloud gaming could ease the painful transition down the road, from one generation to the next.

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We know letting go is hard, but PS4 and Xbox One are really starting to earn their mournful rest. And we never leave so completely. You’re only really dead when FIFA no longer exists for your equipment. Did you know that FIFA 14 was still released on a very old PS2? So maybe PS4 and Xbox One still have a long second life ahead of them…

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