In Angouleme, a video game to raise climate awareness

Awarded with an envelope of several thousand euros, the winning teams will meet again three months later, this time remotely, to develop their ideas and go head-to-head in a final competition that will decide between them. “If the winning project turns out to be interesting enough, the Franco-German Youth Office may well provide financial support for it. It’s even a goal,” suggests Ann Jardin, who herself represents Ofaj.

Develop relationships and support the environment

Enjmin, based in Angouleme, the Franco-German Youth Office and the Spielfabrique have been cooperating for six years now. The first is the only public gaming school in France, the second is an organization responsible for promoting relations between the youth of the two countries, and the third is an acceleration program for young entrepreneurs in the gaming market. calling for projects launched by three organizations dedicated to video games, students traveled from Paris and Cologne to Germany, where they study in this field.

For two days, 17 students germinated their ideas. For them, global warming is a serious problem. “Who knows? If our idea is chosen, it could help change the mentality…,” highlights Roberto, a student. Among the criteria: the game had to be available from the age of 14 and be able to play on a smartphone or tablet.

This means that Franco-German cooperation is going well. “Several students have expressed a desire to join Enjmin next year,” said Stefan Nutkin, former headmaster of Angoumois. For these young people, language is not a barrier. “We speak English, which is the most widely spoken language in the world of video games,” says the student.

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