In Belgium, companies with more than 50 employees authorized to know the vaccination rate of their staff

The objective of this measure is to educate companies with low vaccination coverage.

Belgium is activating a new lever to search for its inhabitants who are not yet vaccinated against Covid-19. Heads of companies with more than 50 employees can now know the vaccination rate of their employees, the Belgian working group dedicated to vaccination strategy said on Saturday during its weekly update, reports the Belgian press agency.

A tool has been made available to occupational medicine to find out these figures. Managers can ask the authorities for access to their internal rate, or the occupational doctor can take the initiative to inform the company.

But employers will not be able to obtain data on the identity of employees vaccinated or not. The threshold of 50 employees was chosen precisely to guarantee their anonymity and prevent the boss from being able to deduce who is vaccinated or not.

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Better targeted awareness policies

Another safeguard, the precise rate will be communicated to the company only if it is between 20 and 95%. And this, in particular to prevent 100% companies from yelling it across the rooftops. Especially since a “high vaccination rate cannot in any way mean that preventive measures related to Covid-19 (barrier gestures, etc.) cease to be applied”, insists the “working group”.

According to the Belgian government, this measure will make it possible to better target vaccination awareness campaigns, knowing which companies have the lowest vaccination coverage. It has not yet provoked an outcry. In Belgium, almost three-quarters of the inhabitants (74.5%) have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 73% are fully vaccinated.

In France, companies do not have the possibility to access the vaccination rate for their employees. On the other hand, the professionals affected by the vaccination obligation (in particular the nursing staff) were obliged to present a vaccination certificate to their employer before September 15, otherwise they would be suspended without remuneration. For employees for whom the health pass is mandatory from August 30, the employer must verify it every day. Unless the employee agrees to present proof of vaccination, information that the boss cannot demand.


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