In exceptional cases, the Bordeaux customs brigade confiscated more than 2.4 tons of cannabis.

2414.8 kg of cannabis resin and 9.75 kg of cannabis herb were intercepted.

The dog makes a clear trail on the left rear of the trailer. The service then decides to step up control and discovers counterfeit goods stuck in the side compartments, specially equipped for wheat loading that covers the entire trailer.

In total, the Bordeaux Brigade intercepted 2,414.8 kg of cannabis resin and 9.75 kg of herbal cannabis on the illicit market, worth more than 19 million euros.

As of July 31, 2022, about 73 tons of drugs were seized at customs, including 41.2 tons of cannabis.

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance, Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, and Gabrielle Attal, Minister Delegate in charge of Public Accounts, said:

“Once again, customs officials illustrate the exceptional confiscation of cannabis, recalling its key role in the fight against drug trafficking. We congratulate customs officials on their daily commitment to protecting our fellow citizens.”

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