In its app, xPortal MultiversX combines cryptography, NFT and an encrypted social network.

MultiversX Labs (formerly Elrond) announces the release of its xPortal application. This replaces Maiar and opens the door to his future metaverse. It combines cryptocurrency and NFT management with an advanced social network.

Last November, the leaders of the MultiversX Labs project organized a large meeting at the Palais Brongniart to present their roadmap. Together with Delegate Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications Jean-Noel Barrault, Beniamin Mincu lifted the curtain on his xWorlds virtual world project.

Rethinking Digital Finance

An interface between the real world and this future virtual world (or metaverse), the xPortal app is now available for download by the general public. The successor to the Maiar app, which itself attracted 1.1 million users in one year, xPortal wants to be “the first universal app to reimagine digital finance, AI avatars, messaging, Web3 and Metaverse for everyone.”

First of all, this super app wants to seamlessly integrate “digital finance, money and cryptocurrency”, relying on an important aspect of the community. Social features already available include end-to-end encrypted messaging and user avatars.

Download xPortal for Android

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Each user can send, receive and store money, cryptocurrencies or NFTs from their connections with just a few clicks. The same application also allows you to store them in the same way as its predecessor Maiar. MultiversX Labs is also partnering with Mastercard to issue a payment card that is directly linked to xPortal. The gamification system will allow users to earn points and receive bonuses.

Even before the advent of the xWorlds metaverse, the xPortal app already provided access to a wide range of apps through an integrated app store. In a press release, the company says it gives you privileged access to “the latest and greatest Web3 applications” to “visit new events and worlds in the metaverse, each offering unique and exciting experiences.”

xPortal, outcome? No, the CEO of MultiversX Labs sees this app as “an important step in our mission to build the foundation of a new digital financial system spanning the physical world and the metaverse. Our goal is to ensure that everyone, wherever they are and whatever their experience, can easily access safe and efficient financial services.”

Today, with an estimated 420 million people worldwide owning cryptocurrencies, Sergey Biris, product manager at MultiversX Labs, wants to go even further. xPortal is committed to bringing a new set of useful services, capabilities and applications to a billion users by making digital finance, Web3 and the Metaverse accessible to all.

Download xPortal for Android

Download xPortal for iOS

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