In Japan, Xbox Game Pass is being promoted with Shishiro Botan and Himemori Luna – Xbox One Mag

Ah, Japan! Land of video games unlike any other and in the face of which Microsoft plays the role of Sisyphus. But with a brave heart, nothing impossible has always been said to us and it is with strength and courage that the manufacturer launches once again into the battle to win the hearts of the Japanese. However, Microsoft has chosen this time a potentially interesting communication axis to achieve its ends.

In order to promote the Xbox Game Pass and its many strengths, the Japanese branch Xbox called on Shishiro Botan and Himemori Luna, two Youtubers… Virtual. Very popular in the land of the rising sun, the two characters have praised the merits of the service and its games by evoking Forza Horizon 4, Flight Simulator or the recent acquisition of Bethesda.

The two streams (to be found a little below) generated a little more than 100,000 views each, which represents a rather positive result for a brand still very struggling. It remains to be seen the level of impact that this type of long-term operation will have.

Shishiro Botan

Himenori Luna

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