In Lyon, two drug dealers try to escape from the police.

Two men were arrested for possession of a large amount of money, 79 grams of marijuana and one gram of cocaine. ntinai /

Two men aged 19 and 25 were arrested for possession of marijuana and cocaine after a police chase on Monday night in Pierre-Benite.

Le Figaro Lyon

The explosion of online commerce is spreading to all segments of the economy, even underground ones. Two people, aged 19 and 25, were arrested in Pierre-Benite, a southern suburb of Lyon, on Monday evening for possession of drugs they said they were delivering. All after the car chase and then on foot.

A few minutes earlier, two young men had indeed refused to comply when they were stopped by a motor vehicle patrol. But the police managed to find a trace of the car, and two passengers fled on foot.

Cannabis and cocaine on demand

First, they arrested the oldest with drugs and a large amount of money, and the second was pursued by the second brigade. He was eventually also arrested near a car park, where the hostiles then moved on the police, who were forced to use tear gas canisters.

As it became known to the police, two men were detained. In total, they were found to have 77 grams of resin and two grams of cannabis herb, as well as one gram of cocaine. During the hearing, the elder admitted to keeping them and explained that he was delivering them and his accomplice was his driver. They were to be tried immediately this Wednesday at the Court of Lyon.

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