In Mauritius, the Covid-19 vaccine is no longer mandatory for the health and education sectors.

The Covid vaccine is optional, we tell the government all the time. But soon it will not happen for everyone. In fact, the government in disguise makes it mandatory for employees in two sectors: health and education.

This is what the new rules are proposing under the Quarantine Law, which the Minister of Health is likely to unveil on Wednesday. They will come into effect on June 14th.

What do these new rules say? Simply put, all categories of employees in educational and medical institutions will not be able to access their workplaces if they do not present a vaccination card or negative results from a PCR test conducted less than 7 days before. Of course, this is also optional, you might say. But it’s unlikely that a doctor, nurse, or teacher would agree to pay for a PCR test every week. Thus, the vaccine will become indirectly mandatory.

Remember that all educational and medical institutions, public or private. In one case, it goes from kindergarten to university, including training centers. And in another case – from the regional dispensary to the hospital through polyclinics. These rules do not apply to patients and students. It clarifies that anyone who breaks these rules or contributes to an offense is liable to a maximum fine of Rs 500,000 and imprisonment for up to five years. There is something to think about!

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