In order not to lose files and protect your data, choose a local backup! –

After all, file loss remains fairly common. Often this is the result of several factors. Starting with the aging of our storage media: mechanical hard drives or solid state drives, USB sticks, memory cards and optical discs, they all have a limited lifespan. This is highly dependent on the loads to which they will be subjected. In addition, the integrity of the data contained in them is affected by the conditions of storage and handling of them.

As cybersecurity expert Fabien Tanguy explains, in addition to breakdowns, storage media are susceptible to shock, bad weather and fires, but not only. Today, malware such as ransomware (disk encryption with a key provided for ransom) or worms (clean file deletion) pose a serious threat to the security of our data. Finally, the theft of equipment is also a reason for the loss of digital documents. Apart from this particular case, a backup allows you to quickly restore your system.

NAS, the system of choice to keep your data safe

Network Attached Storage or NAS (Network Attached Storage) consists of multiple hard drives, avoiding any failures and is a smart choice. It is still necessary that the accompanying software support be complete and easy to handle. Synology, an industry leader, has built its reputation on the package that comes with its models. The Taiwanese manufacturer has developed a range of software to give its NAS a real competitive edge.

Active Backup for Business solution

For individuals, in addition to sharing audio files with Audio Station and video files with Video Station, from any connected device; he developed the Photos program that combines all your images and automatically imports pictures taken with your smartphone. In addition, Synology offers a file manager to automatically sync local documents with those stored on the NAS with protection against accidental deletion.

For professionals, the manufacturer has provided collaboration thanks to its Office package, which allows you to modify texts, spreadsheets and presentations created using other tools. He developed Active Backup for Business for centralized backup of Windows, Linux, VMWare, Hyper-V, and Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Backing Up Data to Synology Server from Windows Desktop (Screenshot)

DS923+, Synology’s latest development

The new Synology DS923+ has 4 HDD bays (2.5″ or 3.5″) and two NVme SSD slots. This space can be increased by adding an extension that brings the number of drives supported to nine. Synology DS923+ is equipped with all the technologies for data sharing, synchronization, backup and monitoring.

Its performance is 592MB/s read and 562MB/s write. It offers two Gigabit Ethernet ports for easy integration into a home or TPE network. A 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface is also available as an option for professional installations requiring high bandwidth. Synology, confident in its workmanship, offers a 3-year basic warranty (5 years optional).

Synology DS923+ Server

Of course, this NAS includes the Synology software package, which helps you back up your data and devices without thinking about it. It also offers collaboration and sharing tools. Its integrity protection system detects corrupted files and automatically repairs them. This model can also be used as a surveillance center as it can control up to 40 IP cameras at the same time (compatible with 8300 SKUs).

Finally, advanced users can use the DS923+ to store virtual machines, and it is also VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, and OpenStack certified. Final point? Synology’s suggested price for the DS923+ is €634.80 including tax.

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