In Sainte-Croix: Adsu finds 1.3 kg of cannabis worth 16 million rupees.

Jean Dominique Ber, nicknamed “Boom”, was arrested. Effective Thursday, December 1, 2022, this 43-year-old welder has been provisionally charged with “drug trafficking: possession of cannabis for the purpose of distribution under aggravated circumstances.” The Port Louis Narcotics Brigade found 1.3 kg of cannabis at his home in Sainte-Croix, with a market value of Rs 16 million.

Jean Dominique Behr was on the radar of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (Adsu) for some time. On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, around 11 a.m., officers led by Inspector Chowdharry arrived at the welder’s home, suspecting him of involvement in the drug trade.

Adsu extended his research to the backyard of the house. Armed with pickaxes, the police dug until they found seven glass containers and one metal container that contained drugs.

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