In South Korea, Epic Games Demands Fortnite Reset On Apple App Store

The war between Epic Games and Apple offers a new episode. In South Korea, the publisher of the hit video game Fortnite has sent a letter to the brand to Apple demanding the reinstatement of its hit and the restoration of its developer account in the App Store. This request follows the removal, made last year, of the Epic Games video game in the US giant’s application store, after the video game publisher tried to introduce a new payment system aimed at bypassing Apple’s payment systems and in-app purchases. .

“Epic intends to re-launch Fortnite on iOS in Korea by offering both Epic and Apple payment side by side in accordance with the new Korean law,” Epic said in a tweet. Epic’s demand that Fortnite join the App Store while retaining its own payment system comes shortly after South Korea passed legislation to ban app markets like the App Store from removing apps to use payment systems. that reside outside of the Apple ecosystem.

According to Apple, Epic did not rely on South Korean laws to re-enter the App Store. The California giant also argues that the new laws do not require Apple to approve a development program account application. Outside of South Korean laws, Epic’s request comes as Apple changes its app policy to allow content app developers to link to external websites for account creation and management starting next year, a decision made under pressure from various competition authorities, especially in Japan.

The biggest pressure on Apple

Apple agreed to a deal last month to allow app developers to set up payment systems outside of the App Store and communicate directly with customers about it. While pressure from lawmakers and regulators is at its peak, the Epic lawsuit only adds a little more weight to the iPhone maker’s shoulders. In addition to Epic’s demand that Fortnite return to the App Store, the company still has several legal actions against Apple, all of which accuse the iPhone maker of engaging in anti-competitive and monopolistic practices through its stores.

So far, Apple has dismissed all allegations by Epic that it acted anticompetitively against Epic Games. The apple brand has also disagreed with legislative changes in South Korea, saying the new laws would put users who purchase digital products from other sources at risk of fraud, undermine privacy protections, and make it difficult to management of your purchases.

“We believe that user confidence in purchases made on the App Store will decrease as a result of this proposal, which will reduce opportunities for the more than 482,000 registered developers in Korea who have earned more than $ 8.55 billion. So far has won with Apple, ”an Apple spokesperson said in an emailed statement.

Source: .com

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