In the US, Tesla rolls out autonomous driving to all its customers

As Elon Musk announced on his Twitter account, the Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) option is available to all owners who have booked a full self-driving package in North America.

We remind you that this option was only available to drivers with a high safety score.

The FSD beta allows Tesla vehicles to autonomously drive to destinations entered into the vehicle’s navigation system. However, the driver must always remain alert and ready to take control.

source: Twitter account – Elon Musk

FSD is not a fully autonomous driver assistance system.

Despite its name, FSD is considered a Level 2 driver assistance system. In short, the responsibility lies with the driver, not the Tesla system. This is due to seeing some updates to the same driving ability regression system.

To improve this beta version of the FSD program, Tesla frequently announced new software updates. The goal is to improve the operation of the latter in order to make it safer and attract more potential owners.

Before this opening, for all Tesla owners who ordered the autonomous driving package, tests were carried out for 6 months on more than 100,000 owners.

Elon Musk’s tweet explains that FSD is available to anyone who has requested the program through the car’s infotainment screen, provided they have purchased the package.

The update is FSD Beta v11, which merges the Tesla FSD software stack, which deals with city driving, with the Autopilot stack (designed for highway driving). It is expected to reach nearly 1 million users by the end of the year.

Is this really a big deal?

Yes and no. The autonomous driving proposal for 1 million users by the end of the year replaces the goal already stated by Elon Musk in 2020: “1 million robot taxis by the end of the year.”

FSD itself is not new, it will just be available to a larger group of people. However, we doubt that by the end of the year it will reach almost 1 million people. Knowing that the entrance ticket for this feature is close to $15,000 in addition to the price of the car.

Besides, this all-encompassing autopilot program just isn’t. As stated earlier, the beta only offers a level 2 driver assistance system, which doesn’t really match the performance promised by Tesla.

FSD is opening up to more people, it’s new, but not the main one.

And you? What do you think of this Elon Musk statement? Let us know in the comments!

Tesla autopilot in the video, what does it look like?

We’re sharing a video from Wholemarscatalog comparing Tesla’s autopilot system to GM’s. This allows you to implement the proposal of the Californian manufacturer. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but the manufacturer is going to introduce new technology.

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