In the video game that simulates a truck trip, Covid vaccines can be delivered

SCS Software, a Czech video game development company, hosted a themed event against Covid-19 for gamers from Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator, two of its flagship titles that realistically simulate the work of those who drive trucks. The event is called Transport of hope, “Bring hope”, as it provides for the delivery of at least seven undamaged stocks of virus vaccine. This is a difficult test, as the cargo in question has a minimum tolerance for damage, so you must be “Fragile Freight” skill level 1 or higher in order to complete your deliveries. Those who succeed will unlock an achievement and receive a Hope Trucker air freshener for their cockpit.

So far everything has been fine, except that several users in the Euro and American Truck Simulator community have severely criticized the SCS Software initiative: many have interpreted the Hauling Hope event as a political statement vaccine-friendly. Which is absolutely not good, according to them. The unexpected and incredibly negative reactions led to the intervention of the community manager and developers of SCS Software, who urged users to use more civil tones. Some of the statements made by the team included: “It doesn’t matter whether you are in favor of vaccines or against them. The truckers work really hard, so we wanted to give them the well-deserved 15 minutes of fame. But if you don’t like this event, you don’t need to attend. It is not obligatory, it depends entirely on each of you ”.

Following the wave of criticism, other users also stepped in to show their support for the initiative, as evidenced by these comments: “Bringing hope is an event, not a political statement” underlines a truck driver in the real life. Even those who are just playing Euro and American Truck Simulator said without delay: “I am so proud to be at least a virtual truck driver, especially at events like this. Anyway, the Hauling Hope event is scheduled for February 7 the next.

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