In this country, people who refuse to vaccinate run the risk of going to jail!

He chose the strong method again. A week after announcing that anyone who refuses to be vaccinated will die of Covid-19, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte threatened vaccines to stop them if they gave up their doses. This was reported by the Philippine Star newspaper on Wednesday, June 23rd. In a speech that only he has a secret, the strong Filipino addressed his population: “Get vaccinated or is it a prison.”

“Our country is going through a crisis. There is a state of emergency in the country. If you do not want to be vaccinated, I will order your arrest, ”the president said during a speech recorded and televised on June 21. A decision he justifies by the need to “protect the rest of the population.” And to warn your fellow citizens: “The choice is yours: either get vaccinated or I will send you to jail. The cameras are not clean, the police are too lazy to clean them. They stink. “

Ghost of 2017

A speech in which the Philippine president also threatened those who are resistant to the Covid vaccine to inject them with a drug used to treat parasites like scabies. “If you do not want to be vaccinated, I will not hesitate to give you the pig vaccine ivermectin,” he said.

Despite some of the most stringent containment measures in Asia, the Philippines is struggling to curb the coronavirus epidemic. More than 1.3 million people have been infected and 23,809 have died, Reuters reported. The population also remains very resistant to the vaccine. As of June 20, only 2.1 million Filipinos had been fully vaccinated and four million received a dose, despite the archipelago’s population of 110 million.

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Thus, the campaign is very far from the goal set by the authorities, which is to vaccinate 70 million residents by the end of the year. The Philippine population’s fear of the vaccine stems, in part, from the Dengvaxia scandal, Courrier International recalls. In 2017, this dengue vaccination campaign was urgently stopped after doses developed by the French laboratory Sanofi were found responsible for serious cases. Thus, a dozen deaths were recorded before the campaign was suspended.

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