In this US state, you can now earn $ 1 million if you get vaccinated.

CORONAVIRUS – In a country that no longer knows what to invent to push the population towards vaccinations, the governor of the US state of Ohio announced on Wednesday, May 12, a lottery with a $ 1 million draw for them. who received an injection from the coronavirus.

To win the prize money, entrants must be 18 years of age or older, live in Ohio, and receive at least one dose of Covid vaccine.

“I know some might say, ‘De Vin, you’re crazy! Your million dollar lottery idea is a waste of money. ” But the real loss in this stage of the pandemic – when the vaccine is available to anyone who wants it – is death from Covid-19, ”said Mike DeVine, Republican Governor of this northern US state.

The first winner will be announced on May 26th. Then “every Wednesday for five weeks” a new winner will be chosen and each time they will receive the same amount, DeVine said. The money will be taken from the already existing federal funds set up to fight the pandemic.

In parallel, a similar lottery for vaccinated children under the age of 17 will receive a full four-year scholarship at an Ohio State university, which is a valuable advantage for a country where higher education is expensive. The US Medicines Agency (FDA) on Monday extended the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine authorization for teens 12-15 years old.

In the United States, where daily doses are now declining, incentives are multiplying to persuade the indecisive. Beer, donuts, or tickets to sports events: Anything can push Americans to get vaccinated.

In early May, Maryland announced that government employees would receive $ 100 if vaccinated. In West Virginia, the same amount is offered as a savings bonus for children aged 16 to 35, the age group that does not want to get vaccinated. About 58.7% of American adults have received at least one injection.

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