In two weeks, this Varoise becomes a crypto influencer on TikTok.

160,000. This is the number of followers who follow Diane Benhamou Frejusian, 27, on the social network TikTok. Her pseudonym “Estheriumcrypto” is a pun combining her middle name Esther and the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Because this is really a question of cryptocurrency in its content. “I carry out promotional work on projects that seem interesting to me,” the girl points out.

She also discusses topics related to economic news and shares more personal videos.

Career started thanks to … a joke

It was his two brothers who instilled in him, very young, a passion for technology. “When I was little, I already watched videos with Steve Jobs,” recalls Diane Benhamu.

After studying at business school, in 2019 she joined an advertising agency as part of the creative department in Paris. There she meets cryptocurrency enthusiasts. “My co-workers put me at risk. I started investing following their advice,” she explains.

In December, Diane decides to create a TikTok account dedicated to deciphering news related to the area. Want to share your knowledge with the public? Not really…

“I wanted to play a prank on my boss who is also a TikTok influencer. I was waiting for his reaction when he came across my profile,” she says.

Except that the joke will become very serious. Within two weeks, his account went from zero to 100,000 followers, and requests for partnerships poured in. Neo-Tiktokes career launched.

Unlike some crypto influencers who promise to earn huge amounts by betting on this or that digital currency, Esterium does not want to be perceived as an “investment advisor”.

“I don’t encourage my subscribers to invest because I think it’s a waste of money, even if the return is achievable. I talk about current trends in my videos.”

She also encourages her followers to do their own research on the projects developed in her videos. Among them, the girl says that less than “10% is sponsored content. I get hundreds of offers a week, and I only share projects that I find interesting.”

Misogynistic remarks

The technosphere and cryptocurrencies are still dominated by men. Like all women who develop in a male environment, Diane has sometimes had to deal with violent attacks.

The launch of his TikTok account has sparked a flurry of misogynistic comments. “Nabilla in the crypt”, “the woman returns to the kitchen”, “what kind of man is hiding behind this actress” are examples of the reaction of Internet users to her first content. “Some could not understand that a woman could be interested and decipher these topics,” she denounces.

His first videos go so far as to make men, already rooted in the environment, react. “They called my boss. They were interested in who I was and where I came from,” Frejusien says. Diana assures that the misogynistic remarks and comments have since ceased.

Despite the success of her videos, the girl does not think to devote herself exclusively to this occupation. She wants to keep feeding her TikTok profile in parallel with work.

Pure player Brutus has already turned to her as an expert, it is possible to see Esterium, interfere with other media in the future…


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