In Ukraine, Moscow wants to make life unbearable for the population

“The scale of damage is comparable or may exceed the consequences of the October 10-12 terrorist attack. The Ukrainian operator Ukrenergo on Saturday, October 22, did not hide its concern about the new strikes of the Russian army on the country’s power grids overnight. A few hours later, an adviser to the President of Ukraine, Kyrylo Timoshenko, confirmed the extent of the damage: now more than a million houses are left without electricity in the country.

Chaos and escalation to seize the initiative

Since the appointment of a new commander-in-chief of operations in Ukraine, General Sergei Surovikin, Moscow’s strategy has been confirmed day by day: if it can’t gain the upper hand on earth, it’s about restoring the unlivable life of the Ukrainian population, hitherto united en masse around its president, Volodymyr Zelensky in its resistance to the invasion of the Russian army.

The veteran of the second Chechen war in the 2000s and the Russian military intervention in Syria in 2017, Sergei Surovikin, is responsible for implementing this terror strategy. This is not his first attempt: in particular, in Syria, Russian troops massively shelled cities, razing Aleppo to the ground. And they did not hesitate to strike at hospitals and schools to force civilians to flee or submit.

Far from the eastern and southern fronts

The location of the latest strikes in Ukraine is eloquent in this respect. This Saturday, Russian strikes target energy installations, especially in western Ukraine, away from the eastern and southern fronts where Russian troops are retreating, especially in the Kherson (South) region.

In western Ukraine, in some areas of the Volyn region, electricity and water were cut off. The city of Khmelnytsky was de-energized, and the city authorities urged residents to prepare for turning off the water. In the Rivne region, still to the west, Governor Vitaliy Koval said the region’s “energy infrastructure” had been attacked in the morning, damaging electrical substations.

War in Ukraine: the explosion on the Crimean bridge is a blow to the Russian army

There were even reports of a power outage in the Odessa region (South-West) that has survived the shelling so far after “two missile strikes on the energy infrastructure” of the region,” Governor Maxim Marchenko said. The governor of the Kirovograd region (center) for his part urged local businesses and residents to reduce electricity consumption after attacks on “important” energy infrastructure.

Energy limit

In fact, at the call of the authorities, Ukrainians have already reduced electricity consumption by 5-20% on average on certain days and in certain regions, Ukrenergo head Volodymyr Kudrytsky told AFP. However, energy restrictions are “enforced” in a number of regions, including in the capital Kyiv and its region, the operator Ukrenergo specified, assuring that its specialists are taking “every measure to restore the supply of electricity to the regions currently deprived of energy supply as soon as possible” . electricity”.

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