Independent: June – July 2021

More than a week before the first E3 conferences. If the month of June is normally overflowing with announcements of blockbusters and other headlines, the releases of indie games are far from slowing down. Whether it’s a roguelike card game, a Harvest Moon farming simulation, or voice-controlled platformer games, June and July have a lot in store for us.

Backbone – June 8 – PC

The start of the list is therefore marked by Backbone, a self-proclaimed post-noir investigative adventure set in a world populated by anthropomorphic animals. You play as Howard Lotor, a detective raccoon working on the most important case of his career. The gameplay of the game is very close to a classic point and click in which you question the characters, solve puzzles and search for clues. We love this kind of universe and hope the game keeps its promises.

One Hand Clapping – June 10 – PC

Rhythm games like Rock Band or SingStar aside, the microphone has not played a vital role in video games. One Hand Clapping, on the other hand, is a 2D platformer game that requires you to use your voice to solve puzzles and move your characters. The game is intended to be a way for players to gain confidence in their singing skills.

Independent: June - July 2021

Summer Madness – June 17 – PC

We change gears with Summertime Madness: a puzzler set in the city of Prague at the end of World War II with a visual style quite similar to Firewatch. You play there as a painter trapped in one of his paintings after a pact with the Devil. In order not to lose your soul, you will have to solve puzzles in this world that you have created for yourself.

Independent: June - July 2021

Roguebook – June 17 – PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Overseen by Magic The Gathering creator Richard Garfield, Roguebook is a roguelike, with cards. You are trapped in the Book of Stories of Faeria, and must do everything to escape and survive the threats residing within its pages. The game contains over 200 maps, 20 difficulty levels and six heroic companions – in short, a lot of content on the horizon.

Independent: June - July 2021

Out of Line – June 23 – Nintendo Switch, PC

Next on the list is Out of Line, a hand-drawn 2D platformer that borders on art and video games. The gameplay seems very close to what Limbo offered, with a lot of puzzles to solve or lose. Most of them revolve around the protagonist, Sam, and his spear. It can be used as a platform or as a tool to activate levers or break objects. A demo is also available on PC via Steam.

Independent: June - July 2021

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX – June 24 – PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series

Closely following Wonder Boy. : Asha in Monster World, a second remake of the classic SEGA era is planned for this summer: Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX, reissue of the original Master System game released in 1986 developed by the Junkenteam studio. In addition to revisited graphics, this version will contain new levels as well as a new “Boss Rush” mode. If you are feeling nostalgic, Classic mode can also allow you to play the game that was originally released.

Independent: June - July 2021

Monster Harvest – July 8 – PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4

Aiming to be a happy medium between Harvest Moon and Pokémon, Monster Harvest is a pixelated adventure that will be released in early July. You will have to both plant cabbages there and breed monsters. The game also contains a season system (Dry, Wet and Dark) which will import your plantings.

Independent: June - July 2021

Where the Heart Leads – July 13 – PS4

Releasing exclusively on PlayStation (for now), Where the Heart Leads is an emotional adventure game that takes place for a lifetime. Initially going in search of your dog, you will find yourself in a strange world where you will experience both your past, present and future. As you watch these key moments in your life unfold, you will have to make decisions that will have consequences and may lead to different ends.

Independent: June - July 2021

Here’s our list for this month, we’ll be back soon to bring you our expected games for July and August.

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