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Originally scheduled for 2019, but production was delayed due to a rewrite of the script, the next film Indiana Jonescurrently untitled, previewed in theaters for June 2023. Without director Steven Spielberg, but still with Harrison Ford as the most daring adventurer, Indiana Jones 5 is highly anticipated by fans of the franchise, especially after the huge disappointment caused by the fourth installment of the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull saga in 2008.

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For Indiana Jones 5, Harrison Ford wields a whip hero for the last time, but this does not mean that the franchise will die out, especially since Disney+ would like to turn it into a series for my streaming platform. But until all this comes true, let’s take stock of Indiana Jones 5. release datestory, Castrumors, Pictureslast news… Here’s everything you need to know about this fifth film..

Latest news about Indiana Jones 5

Indiana Jones 5 in brief

Indiana Jones 5 takes place 1969 at the bottom space conquest between the US and Russia. Not only age of astronauts sees the definition of what a hero is change, thus giving the good old dr jones a bit of a former side, but it also marks a strong comeback his worst enemies. Indeed, it turns out that many of the people who raced to the moon were fromformer Nazisa fact that does not please our beloved archaeologist.

That’s where nasty this new story in the face Mads Mikkelsen. Actor plays a role Flyingcharacter inspired by real life NASA space engineer Wernher von Braun turned Nazi. Voller and Indy both want the same thing, so Jones sets off on this new adventure, but this time accompanied by his goddaughter, Elena (Phoebe Waller-Bridge).

Who is behind Indiana Jones 5?

Whether Steven Spielberg was originally supposed to remain at the helm of the saga, in the end he gave his director’s cap James Mangold (Logan) in 2020. Indiana Jones 5 is also first film of the franchise not be directed by Spielberg and co-written with George Lucas.

According to the script, we finally find the brothers Jez and John Henry Butterworth and James Mangold. The three men had previously worked together on Le Mans 66. Steven Spielberg is in the game with Kathleen Kennedy (boss of Lucasfilm), Frank Marshall and Simon Emanuel.

As for the cult music of the saga, we will again hear compositions John Williams in this opus.

Cast of Indiana Jones 5

Of course we find Harrison Ford in the cast of this new adventure, but also John Rhys Davis who takes on the role he played in In Search of the Lost Ark.

From new faces added to the world of Indiana Jones in this epic whose Phoebe Waller Bridge (Trash), Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), Boyd Holbrook (Sandman), Toby Jones (Captain America) and Antonio Banderas (Mask of Zorro).

here Cast from the movie:

  • Harrison Ford : Indiana Jones
  • Phoebe Waller Bridge : Elena
  • John Rhys Davis : Salla
  • Mads Mikkelsen : Fly
  • Boyd Holbrook : Klaber
  • Toby Jones : Basil
  • Shonette Rene Wilson : Mason
  • Thomas Kretschmann : role unknown
  • Antonio Banderas : role unknown
  • Olivier Richters : role unknown

When is Indiana Jones 5 coming out?

Indiana Jones Release 5 planned for French cinemas June 28, 2023. While waiting for him to arrive at the cinema, you can find other adventures Indiana Jones streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Please note that this film will be the last with Harrison Ford as famous archaeologist.

Indiana Jones 5 photos

While the first trailer for the film is long overdue, Empire magazine has released exclusive images of the feature film, which you can find below:

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