Indie gem Tunic comes to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Starting today (September 27), Tunic Isometric Adventure is available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms.

This is the first time PlayStation and Nintendo Switch users will have access to the game since Tunic was originally released in March for PC and Xbox.

For those who haven’t played the game yet, Tunique is about “a little fox on a big adventure” and is inspired by Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series.

“Out in the shattered land, armed only with your own curiosity, you will fight colossal monsters, collect strange and powerful items, and uncover long-lost secrets,” Tunick teases on the Nintendo eShop page.

TunicTunic. 1 credit

Along the way, players will have to solve puzzles, rebuild the game’s manual, and face challenging bosses.

However, Tunic is best played without knowing too much about the game – as our March review noted, one of Tunic’s biggest strengths is to encourage players to explore things out of their own curiosity rather than following a guide.

“It’s like playing a big adventure game or RPG and skipping all the tutorials,” our review says. “You have a vague idea of ​​what everyone is probably doing, but Tunick desperately wants you to let your curiosity guide you.

Tunic The player, a fox, kneels in front of a shrine resembling a large fox.Tunic’s music and sound design complement the visuals perfectly. Credit: Finji.

Earlier this year, we spoke to Lifeformed composer Tunike (real name Terence Lee) about how they created the game’s soundtrack.

“We kind of deliberately wanted the memory of what we loved about retro game soundtracks to guide us when we made Tunic, but not so much the literal soundtracks themselves,” shared Lee. “The game also looks like this; what the games from your past that you remember look like. And we thought it would be nice to put it in a contemporary context, just to let what we had in mind come out.

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