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If you’re looking for great lofi music to listen to while you work, Humble Games and Nikko Nikko have released a lofi album for the upcoming rhythm RPG Infinite Guitars. You can stream it right now on Apple and Spotify. Then you can play the game on Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam | Humble [affiliate link]) and Xbox One from December 13th.

In Infinite Guitars, a world torn apart by a devastating mech war, the remnants of humanity scavenge and fight for survival. Now the war machines of metal have woken up and only your electric guitar can turn their technology against them! Pack a party, tune your favorite ax and get ready to rock in Infinite Guitars, a rhythm-driven RPG that fuses genres with vibrant anime-inspired graphics, adrenaline-fuelled mech battles, and a dazzling soundtrack.

Additionally, Crunchyroll announced a new 8-bit adventure game for their Crunchyroll-Hime mascot called Hime’s Quest. This game will be released on the Game Boy Color and pre-orders will be open until December 23rd. Of course, you can also play the game for free via download or browser later this year, but being able to purchase a new Game Boy Color game is something completely different.

Take control of Crunchyroll-Hime and save the anime club from 2000 in its very first video game: Hime’s Quest. In 1999, something electric is in the air. An evil force has infiltrated New Crunchy City, damaged its technology, and tragically destroyed the Anime Club’s prized DVD/VCR combo player. Can you eradicate the mean idiot so brazenly as to ruin their meeting?

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