Industry. Handle: These collaborative robots make the job of welders easier.

The welding demonstration by Guillaume Masur (Böhler) was organized in cooperation with the distributor HMI-MBS at Normofi in Guilbertville (Thorigny-le-Ville). (©La Press de la Manche)

“The welder enters the program and the machine does the welding on its own. It’s a bit like a car with an automatic transmission that follows the lines on its own,” image of Didier Tourgis, co-manager of Normofi, a fifteen-employee company that sells equipment for industry, located in Colombel, next door to Caen (Calvados). and Guilbertville (delegated municipality of Thorigny-le-Ville, Manche).

It was at this site that on Thursday, September 8, 2022, Normofi held demo workshops on cobot welding.

Less work, more repeatability

But the welder can regain control of the cobot whenever he wants, the word for collaborative robot. “It makes things easier, but it doesn’t replace people,” says Nathan Lopez, technical sales representative for HMI-MBS in Normandy, who sells the e-Series launched in 2018. This series of four cobots made in Denmark by Universal Robots costs between 23,000 and 40,000 euros.

“The collaborative robot is designed to work with people next to it. »

Nathan Lopez

“It is not designed for large parts and large series. This is for welding lines and small series,” says Didier Tourgis. He, like many companies, notes the shortage of welders: “Because everyone is short of manpower… In addition, we bring repeatability. According to the recruiting company Randstad, there are 6,000 vacancies for welders in France.

Three in the English Channel

That’s why several Norman companies are interested in this type of cobot. They have already conquered the Seine-Maritime, where dozens of companies such as Valéo, Safran and Sanofi have equipped themselves. “50% of cobots are used in the automotive supplier sector,” says Nathan Lopez.

The most famous of these cobots is Universal Robots, distributed by HMI-MBS: “The interface is in French,” boasts Nathan Lopez. “We own 70 to 80% of the French market. »

Three companies have already acquired in the Canal: Naval Group, Filtres Guérin (Condé-sur-Vire) and Mainco (Valogne). The Naval Group was one of a dozen companies that responded to an invitation to this new demonstration. Also manufacturer of refrigerated bodies Saint-Lois Lecapitaine.

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