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This article is taken from the monthly journal Sciences et Avenir – La Recherche #898 of December 2021.

Our societies have evolved with more and more energy.

“It’s like there were about 200 slaves working for every Terran at all times.”

Comparing the power of machines with the energy provided by muscular strength, “it is as if about 200 slaves were constantly working for every earthling. Without a machine, 1,400 billion earthlings would have to be put to work in order to have the same kind of production.” , explains Jean-Marc Jankovici, energy consultant and co-author of this comic. And renewable energy is not going to change the situation: from 1995 to 2018, coal consumption grew 12 times more than solar and five times more than wind!

Economic, environmental and social issues related to the issue of energy

With consequences known to us: global warming, depletion of resources, etc. Jean-Marc Jankovici and designer Christophe Blin didactically explain to us the economic, environmental and social challenges of energy and climate change. Cobblestone to absorb after COP27.

Infinite World, Christophe Blaine, Jean-Marc Jankovici, Dargo, 195 pp., €27

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