Inflation: cryptocurrencies, a safe haven from savings dilution?

DESCRIPTION – While rising prices hit Western countries hard, classic savings accounts compete with new offerings in cryptocurrencies.

In Turkey, it is close to 70%, which led the US central bank to announce the biggest rate hike since 2000 this week and gives French economy minister Bruno Le Maire an idea of ​​the worst.

Inflation, “a major economic concern”, according to the minister, passing through Evreux on May 5, poses a particular threat to the purchasing power of the French. And the Ukrainian crisis only confirmed the gloomy prospects that the pandemic promised.

With the help of confinement, the French were already seeking to diversify their savings. In the midst of the Covid crisis, in April 2020, investors have rediscovered interest in investing in the stock market, leaving record crowds for online brokers. At a time when inflation threatens to destroy even the woolen socks beloved by the French, especially the Livret A, the movement could accelerate and expand significantly…

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