Influence strategy in Africa: Macron urges his diplomats to be more responsive on social media

After his last speech in Algeria, accusing Russia, Turkey, which also responded to the French president, and China for inciting young Africans to hate France, Emmanuel Macron returned to the accusation. This time he is urging French diplomats to be “more active” on social media in order to better respond to attacks that he says are aimed at discrediting France, especially in Africa.


In front of French ambassadors gathered at the Élysée Palace, the French head of state told AFP this Thursday that his country is “often attacked and attacked in public opinion, social media and manipulation.”

Much more responsive…

The answer, which he says first comes through a “policy of real partnership” with the target countries: “I think that collectively we have to be much more reactive, much more mobilized in social networks.”


According to Emmanuel Macron, “This is not about propaganda, but about counteracting anti-French propaganda, fighting false narratives, false information and protecting the reality of our actions…Today we are suffering too much, we are not doing enough.” …”


Thus, he calls for a better use of the France Médias Monde network, which includes, inter alia, the France 24 news channel and RFI radio, and which, according to the French head of state, “is absolutely key and should be our strong point.”

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