Infographic: open source in France, a dynamic market

Open Source, by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images

The CNLL (Union of Free Software and Open Digital Companies) publishes infographics showing the results of its 2020/2021 survey published in June, “State of the open source industry in France.” This survey * was conducted among 140 companies and a score of personalities from the ecosystem.

“The publisher model is gaining momentum”

The first infographic on the profile of the companies consulted “shows a dynamic market, made up of mature and resilient companies in the face of the crisis, which today benefit from good growth prospects,” says the CNLL.

If the economic models of the sector are varied, “the publishing model is gaining momentum. Therefore, the economic models evolve naturally towards solutions (billing by use, sale of licenses, freemium / open core, etc.) ”.

Both for the CNLL and for the companies questioned, “the open source sector is at the center of major issues in terms of economic competitiveness and digital sovereignty, but beyond some isolated initiatives, the State does not play its driving role. the digital economy for the open source sector ”.

“Open source is widely recognized today as an ethical factor and companies in the sector are already generally committed to this approach,” underlines the CNLL.

* Survey carried out by Will Strategy for the CNLL, the Pôle Systematic Paris-Région, Solibre (association of open source professionals in Occitanie) and Nouvelle Aquitaine Open Source (NAOS, ex-Aquinetic).

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