INFOGRAPHICS. Covid-19: where is vaccination in the Channel?

How is the vaccination going in our department? (© Illustration

January 6 vaccination against COVID-19 started in the channel… Memorial Hospital Saint-Lo, designated as support institution in the department, just received the first 10,000 doses of vaccine, Pfizer

More than five months later, on June 8, 239 516 Manchovy have already been bitten at least once. Is an 48.8% of the population department.

The rest from France, vaccination has gradually opened up to everyone. Thus, from Monday, May 31, 2021, the vaccine can be administered to all adults without any age or occupational priority. Tuesday June 15th will be this time for minors from 12 to 17 years old be able to visit vaccination centers.

Where to get vaccinated in the English Channel?

For this there is ten vaccination centers in the department, including two in Cherbourg. Pharmacists and general practitioners also distribute the vaccine, as do professional doctors who bite people over 55.

However, getting vaccinated sometimes takes patience. In accordance with DoctolibOn June 9, it was about 6.2 days between making an appointment on their website and receiving the first dose of the vaccine on Channel. This delay decreased significantly from the end of May, when it was about 23 days, but increased slightly compared to February, when it was about 3.5 days.

Vaccination continues this weekend

This weekend, June 12 and 13, the vaccination campaign will continue on the Channel. All centers will be open on Saturday, while three will remain open on Sunday in Saint-Lo, Avranches and Granville. Donville-les-Bains is also offering temporary surgery. Meet at the gym (8, rue de la Passardière) for those who have booked a seat at Doctolib.

What age groups are most vaccinated?

Almost half of the population of Manchez, or rather 48.8%, has received at least one dose of the vaccine since January 6, 2021. More than a quarter of the population (26.1%) are fully vaccinated.

According to Public Health, people aged 75-79 are currently the best protected in the English Channel. More than 93.6% of them, or 17,566 people, have already received at least one dose of the vaccine. Then, logically, there are 70-74 years (92.6%, 29 452 vaccinated) and 65-69 years (82.3%, 28 195). Oddly enough, only 80.9% of people over 80 are vaccinated, or 34,149 Manchu. Among the youngest, 18-24-year-olds (28.8%, 8 912) were vaccinated slightly more than 25-29-year-olds (28.1%, 6 389). However, in general, young people are currently the least vaccinated population.

What are the most widely used vaccines?

In the Channel, as in France, the vaccine Pfizer is most popular for both the first and second injection. In both cases, it is used in almost 75% of vaccinations. While‘AstraZenecasuspended for a few days in March due to thrombosis is used slightly more often than Moderna the opposite is true for the first injections.

We remind you that Supreme Health Authority advised in May not to administer AstraZeneca to people under 55 years of age. Janssen, the last vaccine approved in France, is currently not widely used in the department. Even if only one injection was required, three people still preferred the second injection into the canal.

English Channel, good students of excellent Normandy

Normandy is the region of France where vaccination is most advanced, with 46.1% of the population receiving at least one dose. If Orne is the Normandy department, where the population is most vaccinated, more than half received at least one dose (51.3%), then the Manche takes only second place!

It is interesting to note, however, that our division is ahead of Eure, Calvados and Seine-Maritime when we only look at people who have received a single dose.

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