Innovation Awards at CES 2021: winners and trends

, which rewards a subset of the thousands of products on display, for their excellence in engineering, aesthetics and design, their uniqueness, the innovation they bring to the consumer market, etc.

There are two levels of recognition: “rewarded products” are those that obtain a score above the threshold of a given category, while “Best of Innovation” is reserved for the best product (s). noted in each category (see CES website for details on the process).

In 2021, 191 companies and 285 products were recognized, and 20 winners of the “Best of Innovation” (BoI) prize were awarded:

As usual, there is a diverse range of products here, ranging from consumer products (AMD Ryzen 5000 desktop processors, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 smartphones, for example) to highly specialized products (Electromagnetic Engineered Surfaces from E2IP Technologies, which reflect , redirect and block specific radio waves, John Deere X-Series Robotic Combine, for example). There are also typical CES products like the LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator with speech recognition and the Smart Faucet from Moen Incorporated, as well as cleanly futuristic technologies like the rendering engine and the Live3D volumetric holograms from Reverse. The latter uses voxel-based graphics rendering to capture a person’s physical appearance, convert it to digital data, and create live 3D holograms that can be viewed with VR / AR headsets. Use cases include remote collaboration, games, telehealth, online education, and entertainment.

Health and well-being will undoubtedly be better highlighted at the 2021 awards ceremony (see below), with major innovations such as BioIntelliSense’s BioButton, a portable device that continuously measures temperature, resting heart rate and respiratory rate to look for signs of early COVID-19 infection, and VROR EYE Dr., a VR-based eye health solution. And since health centers play an important role in the fight against COVID-19, we will be interested in Origin Health Remote Patient Monitoring, a software and hardware solution that helps healthcare personnel manage movement, activity, breathing and sleep of its residents via monitors connected by Wi-Fi.

IBM’s autonomous vessel Mayflower (MAS), which in the spring of 2021, guided by its captain’s AI, will cross the Atlantic in a modern recreation of the Mayflower’s original voyage from Plymouth (Devon) to Plymouth (MA), is an intriguing winner of the Best of Innovation award. Launched in September 2020 – 400 years after the departure of the Pilgrim Fathers to America – the MAS should leave on April 19.

Here are the CES awards (Honorees and Best of Innovation winners) classified by category and percentage, for the last three years:

Data: CES / Graphic:

The Health & well-being category is at the top of this ranking in 2021, taking over from the smart home which was the leader in 2020. Significant progress has also been made in the following areas: computer hardware, components, headphones, computer peripherals , accessories, while sustainability, eco-design and smart energy (formerly Tech for a Better World) took a back seat this year. Once again, categories that have been very popular in recent years, such as 3D printing, drones, unmanned systems and virtual amplifier and augmented reality, do not feature significantly in the price rankings.

Which companies have received the most innovation awards? This year, the leader have audio and automotive specialist Harman International, followed by its company Samsung Electronics. The other big brands are MSI Computer, HP Inc, Asus, LG Electronics, Philips, Dell and Sony. And following last year’s controversy over the sex-tech device Lora DiCarlo (price given and canceled, then reinstated), the inclusion of Satisfyer, with two awards, is notable.


Data: CES / Graphic:

Given the wide variety of products, companies and products on display, the award winners will have very different levels of visibility after being in the CES spotlight.

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