Inside Job Netflix review: it’s a lot of fun to laugh at the conspiracy

Beware of the reptiles that control the world! The Inside Job series brings all conspiracy theories to life. A certainly funny satire, but one that is not without relevance for the moment.

The reptiles hide among us. Well, the Earth is obviously not flat! But there is a black hole at its center, the existence of which is hidden. Ready. Now you know the truth. Or in any case the truth of Inside Job, a new American animated series available on Netflix from October 22, 2021.

We replace the president with a robot: things go wrong

The series takes place in a secret office at the origin of a great global conspiracy. The entire world, from politics to weather to pop culture, is controlled by this office, with many clones, assassinations, and various manipulations. In Inside Job, all the outlandish conspiracy theories are true; and centrally orchestrated by this office. Young Reagan Ridley and her team are tasked with verifying that the conspiracy runs like clockwork.

The truth about the weather exposed in broad daylight. Now we know, they know, they know. // Netflix

But chaos is never far away. Imagine that it is not easy to make the great world conspiracy work without the public finding out.

If you’re looking to replace the president of the United States with a robot, like in Episode 2, make sure your artificial intelligence doesn’t go off the rails during live TV. If you have to secure diplomatic relations with the reptilians, you will have to learn their social codes; otherwise, beware of judgments. Oh, and … of course, never lose sight of a Kennedy clone. Never.

In Inside Job, the conspiracy is so absurd it’s funny

Conspiracy theories have been around for many decades. There are, for example, the Platists, who imagine that the Earth is flat and even come to believe that Armstrong’s first step into the star was a Stanley Kubrick film. Some theories also believe that the September 11 attacks were entirely orchestrated by the US state or the idea that vaccines contain tracking chips. You can go even further, involving illuminati or reptiles (lizards). We could not list everything here, the conspiracy theories are numerous, from the most amazing to the most covered (and sometimes even the most creepy).

There was a time when you could easily laugh at this “conspiracy”. These simplistic and absurd worldviews are so out of touch with reality that they are hilarious. In fact, parody tales like Easy Plots have been poking fun at him for years, on the grounds that we “know the truth” by ridiculing some of the strangest theories.

The lightness with which the conspiracy could be approached has gradually disappeared, especially when Donald Trump became president and, until the end of his term, confusing theories based on fake news circulated. The pandemic was a major turning point. This health crisis has uninhibited conspiracy in everyday life. It has become difficult to find a Facebook or Twitter post dedicated to the virus without a wave of conspiratorial comments, aimed at denying the existence of the virus or the severity of the epidemic, or spreading nonsense about vaccines or masks, for example. The conspirators express themselves more than the others, which makes them particularly visible. In fact, this uninhibited conspiracy has become an ubiquitous social subject. Not to mention that very followed political figures, especially on the extreme right, navigate these theses, transmitting them, feeding them.

For some time now, the conspiracy has become a heavy, exhausting and anxiety-provoking topic. This is where Inside Job’s satirical dual role comes in. His first quality is to make us laugh conspiratorially: and damn it, it feels good! The Netflix series helps us to put these theses in perspective, to take a certain distance. For that alone, it delivers a dose of lightness that we’re happy to take right now.

In the hole of any conspiracy theory, there is often this principle of a secret elite meeting in a room every Tuesday from 2 pm to 3 pm and saying to themselves “how are we going to be able to secretly manipulate the world? Today? “” The show takes this idea literally with a climaxed second grade, and that’s the funny thing.

His second quality is more political. Satire uses humor to denounce. In this case, Inside Job brings conspiracy theories to life to better expose their misinterpretations and other nonsense that make them theses disconnected from any reality. The production, and its brief 20-minute episodes, are well worth your dedication, to relieve the pressure not without intelligence. American humor is certainly a bit heavy at times, but the whole is delicious!


Inside Job, season 1

Indicative note: 4/5

Inside Job takes all conspiracy theories at face value to bring them to life. If the approach is twisted, it is not without interest: the series is a true satire. Laughing at the conspiracy allows us to distance ourselves, to relativize these theses that have become so distressing in our daily lives since Donald Trump or the pandemic. And you are saving. It also allows to highlight all the absurdity of the conspiracy that oversimplifies reality to make sense of it … without realizing that it is really a misinterpretation.


  • It feels good to laugh at conspiracy theories.
  • It’s relevant humor
  • The show comes when you need it most
  • The staging is very ingenious


  • Jokes a little rough sometimes

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