INSPQ wants to document the impact of COVID-19 on the behavior of Quebec residents.

An organization that is a center of excellence and reference for public health contracts with a company to conduct descriptive and cross-sectional studies for a group of participants. They will be 18 and older and will be from all administrative districts of Quebec, with the exception of the northern regions (Nord du Quebec, Terres Cris de la Baie James and Nunavik).

ININSPQ suggests that it will take two steps to collect the participants’ testimonies and obtain a true portrait. The collection will be done once a week for six months, from July to December 2021.

Phase 1 will require a sample of 3,000 Quebec residents. The goal is to collect at least 300 respondents after two weeks of data collection for each administrative region, except for Basse Saint Laurent, Abitibi-Temiscamingu, Gaspesy / Ile de la Madeleine and Cote North.

The second part will run from January to June 2022 and will be attended by 1,500 adults.

Over-sampling should be planned to obtain a minimum of 300 respondents after three weeks of collection for each administrative region except for the Outaouais, Estrie and Saguenay-Lac-St- regions. Jean, Bas-Saint-Laurent, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Gaspésie / les-de-la-Madeleine and Côte-Nord , whether it is indicated in the tender announcementINSPQ, published on the website of the state electronic trading (SEAO).

In the fall of 2021 and in the spring of 2022, 12 virtual discussion groups will also be organized.

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