Instagram is already attacking BeReal by preparing a perfect copy of the app

Surprise, Instagram is preparing to shamelessly copy another social network more popular than it. Currently at the top of downloads on the AppStore, BeReal will indeed have to face strong competition from the Meta social network, which is currently working on a very similar (if not identical) feature called Candid.

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It is quite possible that you have never heard of BeReal. However, the application is currently enjoying overwhelming success, especially among the youngest users. The principle is simple: once a day at a random time, the social network invites you to take a photo out of the blue to share it with your subscribers. A concept that goes against other platforms by emphasizing naturalness and, above all, finds its audience: the application currently ranks first in terms of downloads in the App Store.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before Instagram picked up the idea and added it to their platform. Now it’s become a habit: after Snapchat-inspired Stories and Reels straight out of TikTok, the Meta social network no longer surprises anyone by “drawing inspiration,” which is a sweet understatement, from competitors’ good ideas to stay in the race. Suspicions were confirmed by insider Alessandro Paluzzi, who tweeted a screenshot of a feature dubbed Candid.

Instagram is about to copy the most popular app of the moment

The latter suggests “adding other people’s Instagram Candids to your Stories collection. And every day at a different time, get a notification to take a photo and share it in 2 minutes. In other words, it’s the same process as for BeReal added to the Instagram ecosystem. After this leak, the Meta confirmed work on the project, but left the exit.

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“This feature is an internal prototype and has not been tested externally,” said Christine Pye, a spokesperson for the firm, in an interview with our colleagues at The Verge. In other words, Candid may never appear to the general public, although that seems unlikely. Instagram’s story suggests that the social network will not hesitate to copy BeReal to keep its youngest users, sometimes at the risk of scaring them away.

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