Instead of hiring data scientists, train your employees

Although the generalization of teleworking is expected to be long-lasting, the professionalization of companies in their digital approach to the workplace is essential to guarantee the continuity of their activity and their performance.

This digital work environment, necessarily unified from the point of view of the solution, must also include organizational and management rules to be fully operational.

(Mostly) There is no one size fits all

Taking into account the different expectations of employees means being flexible in choosing the solutions offered. It seems, therefore, a good practice, given this diversity of uses, to offer a catalog of referenced tools or materials in which the teams proceed to select the ones that best correspond to them.

Therefore, this catalog includes a common basis to address, for example, communication between employees, as well as a set of more specific solutions. In Talan, a global videoconferencing solution and an internal social network common to all are operational and, in parallel, several digital project management tools are available to adapt to the different needs and uses of consultants.

Additionally, multiple IT teams are offered prior to integration to prospective employees.

Faced with this kaleidoscope, it is especially important to apply a uniform and consistent security policy. A large amount of data is shared within a digital workplace and potential breaches could be exploited. It is also a compliance issue regarding the GDPR requirements.

Securing a digital workplace involves setting up a single sign-on (SSO) system to prevent employees from having to juggle multiple usernames and passwords or even implementing training for employees to be aware of elders. risks of working remotely, at home, in a coworking space or even in a public place.

A lever to attract and retain talent

However, the issue is not limited to the choice of technological solutions. The digital workplace covers a host of social and organizational issues and Human Resources Departments are in the forefront at this point.

In the first place, it is a fundamental lever to attract and retain talent. In fact, many candidates are asking questions about the company’s commitments in terms of the digital workplace and, beyond the solutions offered, its particular environmental impact.

Therefore, the digital workplace must be part of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. It enables you to reduce home-to-office travel and business travel, and therefore your carbon footprint, while ensuring a better work-life balance. These social and environmental expectations are not generational, they are above all those of an era and concern both young people and high-level profiles.

Another HR issue: the evolution of management practices. Managing your teams remotely and no longer being by your side is a major change that few have prepared for. The manager needs support in his new role. You also have to deal with different expectations.

Some profiles, like technicians, for example, love to work remotely because they personalize their workplace as much as possible, while management consultants suffer the most from a lack of face-to-face discussions. The digital workplace can serve as a bridge by bringing these two populations together in mixed projects.

Prevent psychosocial risks

In terms of change management, it is about instilling good practices for remote collaboration knowing that they are not fixed. During the first confinement, the message was “activate your camera” to better detect the weak signals of non-verbal communication.

We quickly realized that by reinforcing visual attention, video increases mental load and fatigue increases throughout the day. Today, the use of the camera is no longer systematic.

HRD must also prevent certain abuses by employees who log into the digital workplace at improper hours. While digital technology offers flexibility to employees, this flexibility should not invade the privacy of colleagues. It’s also about staying in line with telecommuting agreements with clients.

The right to disconnect can be technically respected by automatically sending notifications when messages are sent late at night or on the weekend. By way of illustration, Talan employees receive weekly reports in their mailbox on the use of work time.

These confidential reports, neither management nor HR have access to, allow each employee to know their work practices and hours.

In addition, to prevent psychosocial risks, it is essential to conduct surveys to measure team morale and assess the level of fatigue. Based on these results, countermeasures such as training actions for personal development can be initiated.

Rethink workspace design

We are in a transition phase. The crisis was a shock that introduced new practices by empowering and empowering employees. However, the organization of work has not yet stabilized and it is necessary to position ourselves in test and learning mode. A digital workplace must be flexible enough to withstand these changes.

The digital workplace is also called to play a preponderant role in the organization of work in the hybrid modality that is emerging, combining the best of face-to-face and distance. It should allow teams on site and those working remotely to collaborate with the same level of information and participation.

The implementation of a digital workplace also has an impact on the physical office. Hybrid mode leads to rethinking workspace design by offering more rooms dedicated to collaboration and soundproofed bubbles for isolation. This will be Talan’s next job.

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