Insurance and companies: new territories for French fintech companies

French financial services fintech start-ups will have multiple leverage to turn the tide in the competitive financial services and business offering market in 2023. It is reported by France Fintech on the occasion of the publication of the French Fintech Report 2022.

Insurance innovations

New professional activities in the financial services industry will be enhanced in 2023 thanks to the digitalization that fintech has brought. France Fintech foresees a further acceleration of innovation in insurance services, taking into account climate risks, cyber risks, connected objects and insurance on board.

Fintechs will be able to position themselves on offers to companies and investors. Fintechs are increasingly attracting large companies and are starting to win large tenders, France Fintech rejoices. This covers flow management, financing, liquidity management and liquidity accounting and human resources services, including employee benefit management.

Artificial intelligence and blockchain

France Fintech announces the increasing role of technology, highlighting artificial intelligence and blockchain. Artificial intelligence and machine learning, in particular, improve user experience and risk analysis. As for the blockchain, it can be used for payments and transfers, to create tokens and finance companies.

Overall, fintech solutions should promote secure operations, cybersecurity, algorithmic analysis, and compliance. Overall, France Fintech announces the platformization of Fintech models with service enhancements such as “super apps” and the creation of full courses. Finally, France Fintech ensures the internationalization of Fintech models.

France Fintech established in 2015

The France Fintech Association was established in 2015 at the initiative of entrepreneurs. It brings together companies that use innovative and disruptive operational, technological or economic models to address existing or emerging challenges in the financial services industry. The association is chaired by Alain Clot and Kristen Charvin is its general delegate. Its steering committee includes the founders and directors of Anaxago, Epsor, Jenji (Silae), Kriptown, Lydia, +Simple, October and Younited.

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