Insurance expert Stefan Debar joins Zelok MySweetimmo

Stéphane Debar is joining forces with Fabrice Oule, founder of Zelok, to manage the unpaid rental insurance Garantie Totale.

Zelok offers a revolutionary full rent unpaid guarantee that guarantees landlords 100% payment of their rent and fees on a set day every month, no matter what. To test this innovative service, Stéphane Debar, an insurance expert, teamed up with CEO Fabrice Ole.

Who is Stefan Debar?

Stéphane Debar, 49, holds a DESS degree in banking insurance and an actuary degree from the Center d’Etudes Actuarielles in Paris. For most of his career, he developed at Société Générale Insurance (SOGECAP). He has held several positions in France, notably as Head of Savings Management and Head of Organization and Project Management. In 2008, he embarked on an international career: founder and then CEO of a life insurance subsidiary in Serbia until 2010. Stéphane Debar continued his career by establishing Italian subsidiaries, which he will integrate as general agent. He then became Managing Director in Egypt, Managing Director of Branches in Germany, Regional Director with
Deputy General Director of SOGECAP for International Affairs and Member of the Board. In 2018, he joined Cbp Group as Director of Brokerage and Solutions. In 2019, he was appointed CEO of the Italian subsidiary of the Cbp Group. On June 1, 2021, he joined Zelok management with Fabrice Ole as a partner.

What are his missions in Zelok?

Stéphane Debar joined the Zelok team to lead operations related to the offer of unpaid rental insurance. As such, he is responsible for the development of the GLI proposal and oversees the pre-trial proceedings along with a team of lawyers and collection officers. He also takes over the management of the technical service to support the development of the platform as part of the pivot taken by Zelok with its Total Guarantee lease insurance offer.

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