Insurance Sector: New Asaci Office Submits Action Plan to Regulator

The meeting room of the General Directorate of Treasury and Accounting at Le Plateau served as the basis for the discussions.

A delegation from the new office of the Association of Insurance Companies of Côte d’Ivoire (Asaci), led by its president, Mamadou Kone, went to present their plan of action to the Director General of Treasury and Accounting Assahore Conan Jacques at his office. It was Wednesday, July 21st, on the Abidjan plateau. Assahore Conan Jacques spoke about the availability of his services to work in the continuity of already open projects, as well as about the innovations contained in the portfolio of the new office.

The CEO of the State Treasury has invited Asaci’s new management team to increase the penetration rate of insurance services, which currently remains “below 10%”. “You have to set a goal. Perhaps work on increasing the number of insured to 15% before the end of your mandate, ”he suggested to Mamadou Kone.

Assahore Conan Jacques also reaffirmed to the new President of Asaci the importance that the state attaches to the insurance sector, in particular, in providing significant financial resources to cause a decrease in market demand. External financing from the state Côte d “Ivoire.

“When most of your debt is domestic, you have fewer problems because you are protected from currency fluctuations that significantly affect lending and debt service,” he explained.

A family photo to commemorate the meeting. (DR)

In addition, he welcomed the desire of the new Asaci team to communicate better in order to effectively deal with cases of indiscipline, prejudice and stereotypes that tarnish the image of insurers.

In addition, Assahore Conan Jacques agreed to sign within a few days an agreement on the digitization of certificates within the services of insurance companies at the initiative of the new Asaci office.

For his part, Mamadou Kone said that he would like to count on the support of the regulator in exploring those pockets that remain unused in the insurance sector. President Asaci also expressed his team’s commitment to fostering order and discipline in his organization, as, he said, “everything needs to be done for the regulator to pay more attention to the actors.”

That is why, in early October, he applied for the participation of the General Directorate of the State Treasury in organizing the States General in this sector. Before announcing the creation of a platform that will link local startups and insurance companies to ensure that the latter have the technology they need to join the digitalisation of services, which he intends to make his hobby.

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