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PlayStation has just announced a completely redesigned version of its app for Android and iPhone. As of today, the app is updated globally, being compatible with versions 6 and above in the case of Android, 12.2 or later in the case of iOS. The new application has new voice functions, native PS Store integration and a brand new design.

We will tell you everything that changes and how to download the app, because it is highly recommended to get it if we have a PlayStation, as it can complement the user experience.

This is the new app for PS4 and PS5

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Sony has significantly overhauled its PlayStation application, with a brand new design. Now the messages app integrates directly into the PlayStation app, so that it is possible to send messages in a more centralized way. This means that the standalone PlayStation Messages app is gone, as it’s already integrated with the main app.

The PlayStation app now includes voice chat, so a stand-alone app is not required

Improvements are also coming to voice chat. Now we can create chats with up to 15 friends from mobile and create different groups. There is also deep integration with the PS Store. Now remote downloads are built into the app natively, so we can buy and navigate from the app to install it on the PlayStation.

The PS5 is huge, but its cooling design serves a crucial purpose - it's super quiet based on first impressions.

In the case of users of the future PS5, we can start the games remotely, manage the storage of the console and connect to the console from the application. The updated app can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, and in case we installed it, we just need to update it.

Playstation applicationPlaystation application

Playstation application

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