Integrative health for all!

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Integrative health, a revolution?

Yes and no ! 50% of French people admit to using nutritional supplements or traditional practices such as yoga or reflexology. Integrative Health offers homeopathy, aromatherapy, naturopathy, traditional practices…complementary to conventional medicine. Reconciliation of two worlds based on cutting-edge scientific research. As such, Olisma markets QisengⓇ, the only nutritional supplement offered for chronic fatigue states. Evaluation of the impact of taking cysen was carried out for 8 weeks in patients treated for localized breast cancer, out of 354 patients at 12 study centers.

Olisma, a great entrepreneurial adventure?

Olisma synthesizes in its history the wealth of integrative health. The brand combines expertise in aromatherapy, herbal medicine with Qiseng, nutritional supplements and cosmetics with the acquisition of L’Eau d’Evaux, a brand of safe cosmetics whose main active ingredient is extremely soft water rich in silicon. All these adventures come together to form OLISMA and offer patients and pharmacists a beautiful, complete and understandable brand.

Why an exclusive development in the field of pharmacy?

This is a strong choice, which can be explained by the advice of pharmacists and their connection with their customers. The products in our range are connected with gestures and practices to increase tenfold the contribution of our products to the art of daily health and beauty.

“Integrative health is a holistic approach to the individual. Health, beauty, well-being are connected”

Partnership with pharmacists.

Olisma trains pharmacists on the principles of integrative health. They have all the resources and programs at their disposal to teach this approach, which is already well established in the United States or Northern Europe. 1000 pharmacists have already joined the adventure.

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