Internet scam: “We attack big firms making huge profits”

“Congratulations on your purchase, you now have all the keys to success! The €50 digital book begins with a comical reminder from the author, who claims to have “been in the offset business for about three years”: “Out of respect for my work and that the method should have as long a life as possible. please do not share this e-book! »

For those who hesitate, the author even offers a Robin Hood-style ethical safe-conduct: “We attack large firms that exploit their employees most of the time and make huge profits.”

Rogue Apprentice Pack

This is followed by 32 pages of explanations and tips: why do e-commerce sites easily reimburse expenses? (preservation of its fame and reputation / excessive verification and a very large flow of transactions); how to get fake invoices to resell your purchases? (10 euros on the dark web); addresses of sites offering virtual bank cards “without identity verification”; when to call and what answers to give to customer support; purchase amount thresholds for e-commerce sites; how to redo a refund without being exposed/blacklisted or sued…

Each site has its own features, which are often developed. We don’t know anything about this game of cat and mouse. What percentage of this traffic is made up of large e-commerce sites? What parades? What claims? What are the additional costs for customers who pay full price? Neither Amazon nor Apple responded to our inquiries.

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