Internet show, Sunday, 20:00.

Sunday, from 20:00, Los Angeles ZATAZ Cyber ​​Show on Twitch back to the news of the week on cybersecurity and hacking.

Sunday, 20:00, ZATAZ Cyber ​​Show live on Twitch gives you the opportunity to get the news of the week in the form of images and demos.
Thus, you will discover all this on Sunday at 20:00:

– How to make thousands of euros / dollars with cryptocurrency … or not;
– Webcam blackmail: we raised pirates who love sexting;
– CCLeaner offers Kamo, the tool that reinvents digital life for you;
– A little news about the ransom;
– and dozens of other news.

Cyber ​​show ZATAZ on Twitch : it’s live, it’s in pictures, it’s collaboration with chat, other viewers, and it’s free!

The Cyber ​​Show is also a 60-minute demo show, “Live at 8:00 pm” on Tuesday and rebroadcast throughout the week.

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