Interview | How do new players on the blockchain update the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) HR sector and increase team engagement?

Could you tell us a few words about N01ZET?

Established in 2021 with the aim of making an impact on society, society and the environment, N01ZET is a young fintech project that is part of the ethical finance movement. Its unique HR solution for the safe and responsible redistribution of the fruits of growth is based on the blockchain. N01ZET provides companies with services to strengthen their connection with their employees, inspire them, retain them, allowing them to take responsibility for their actions and give meaning to their work through a better exchange of value.

What is its activity?

N01ZET is developing a 100% digital reward solution for company work in the form of tokens (digital tokens) with a guaranteed value. Through this offer, an employee can channel their payroll assets, i.e. all the value accumulated outside the payroll within the company, towards “N01ZET Savings”, an immediate payout, or a range of exclusive benefits targeted at responsible alternatives.

Thus, N01ZET offers employees the opportunity to choose from the following systems:
– Direct payment of premiums and premiums,
– Employee Savings (Plan N01ZET or Company Savings Plan)
– donation,
– Access to capital (through subscription to instruments such as BSPCE or AGA (free offering of shares)
– Enterprise Marketplace: Social and Economic Committee (CSE) type benefits.

How does N01ZET respond to the new challenges of business transformation in order to retain its employees?

N01ZET is responding to new business transformation challenges with its innovative rewards and loyalty system. An employee takes on long-term obligations to his company, increasing his purchasing power and globally seeing his payroll assets.

Our solution allows you to strengthen the employer brand of companies by including it in the announced web 3.0 revolution and providing access to new enhancement tools (NFT, crypto-assets). Blockchain provides security and ease of transactions.

How do you expect the HR function to evolve in the coming years?

Blockchain will bring real added value to the employee value proposition (EVP). This allows to fully digitize the compensation strategy in the form of tokens, finally, consolidated payroll payments that give the employee real power over the distribution of bonuses and bonuses, as well as a career path marked by NFT, symbolizing various training certificates, diplomas, recommendations. , etc.

The market will become smoother and more readable thanks to:
– Transparency in the acquisition of talents in a network of trust,
– The alignment between the company’s social and community commitments and the value sharing policy,
– Increasing the purchasing power of the employee.

What are the goals and implications of new forms of ethical finance?

Forms of ethical finance can use technological tools such as blockchain, which guarantee transparency and strong traceability, from the origin of investments to their purpose, and can provide access to new projects and actors with social impact, environmental, economic and social.

– Increase the number of companies willing to share with their employees the value they create,
– Increase the number of beneficiary employees, and hence the purchasing power,
– Provide outputs for this shared value that meet the needs (present or future) of employees,
– Direct consumption and savings in favor of responsible support.

What are the next steps for N01ZET?

Next steps for N01ZET:
● Continue to integrate customers into beta tests,
● Launched its first NFT collection,
● Open the app in production early September 22nd.
● Launch of ICO since the release of the NFT collection.

If our solution is based on technological innovation, our goal is also to make the offer and the tool understandable to any employee or participant of the SSE (Social Economy and Solidarity Economy). The N01ZET stake today is to interest the population, very far from the subjects of employee savings or cost sharing, in the benefits of managing the assets of their employees, all the value that they accumulate in business, that is, all premiums and bonuses, shares, mutual insurance, prudent insurance , savings plan, vacation, etc.


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