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Devoted to the idea. Everything about her makes that adjective vibrate. For the rest, for the world, for the animals, with this video she just shot with L214, Isabelle makes it hard to think in circles. An actress, of course, and even to the tips of scarlet nails, but above all a woman of conviction.

GALA: You are everywhere: in the cinema at Mascarade, on a theater tour with Le Vertige Marylin, soon on television at Diane de Poitiers (see sidebar). What is sudden onset bulimia? A set of circumstances? Desire heard by heaven?
ISABEL ADJANI: Basically I heard a plea from heaven: “Come on, get to work! (She laughs) Before that, I was always too busy with other things… Unhappy love, family, and there opened up a space full of opportunity and joy to do and say yes.

GALA: So this acceleration is not a reckless impulse?
AI: Not at all! On the contrary, easy, because, unlike some, I can only work when things are going well.

GALA: In “Masquerade” by Nicolas Bedos, you play a rather pathetic actress at the end of her career. Do you share this vision?
IA: In my work, being accessible to the director is the first rule. This film portrays an actress who hasn’t been a millennial in a very long time, and Nicolas Bedos wanted her to be like that at the end of her life. Personally, this is not how I see actresses in their reality.

GALA: Have you ever been afraid that you will be forgotten?
AI: No. Which borders on unconsciousness, if you look at things objectively. It’s unbelievable that I’m still here, choosing the roles that I love without constantly occupying the screen and the stage. Especially today, when you have no right to disappear even for a week. But I never experienced what was called my disappearances as an erasure. And if my lucky stars resented me from time to time, it was never enough to settle the score.

GALA: Treason is omnipresent in Masquerade, as it is in Diane de Poitiers. Have you suffered from this at work?
IA: It takes experience to protect yourself from its harmful aspects, and I came without codes and keys. I studied everything sometimes not of my own free will, but also to the detriment of myself. This is, for example, what I try to avoid with my niece Zoe Adjani, giving her advice on how to protect herself from anything that can hurt her, slow her down. Turn obstacles into opportunities that she captures very well.

GALA: Do you advise him to wear a mask?
IA: No, but I advise him not to forget the masks of others and to practice martial arts, that is, to be able to handle the weapons of those who do not wish you well. It is also important not to allow the distortion of his natural goodness. Because choosing evil is always easier than choosing good. We must remain in the human and in love for the other, which must also go through self-love. And that we are the only ones who know how to bring it to ourselves.

GALA: Is this the most difficult fight you’ve ever fought in?
AI: Yes. Because when you were brought up with “not enough love,” you risk becoming your own worst enemy. The most difficult thing is to break with the relay that can be removed from this lack of love by becoming a self-deprecating parent. To achieve this, work on analysis and harmonization is required.

GALA: It’s about knowing how to comfort your inner child…
AI: Yes. Make peace with those aspects of your life that weren’t perfect.

GALA: Have you ever looked for this consolation in love for people?
IA: Most of all I lacked understanding. It was love for me. And I could establish this connection of reconciliation with myself only in the analyst’s office. Then, surprisingly, everything settles down almost by itself. We have a different understanding of life. Not being understood today is no longer a pain, it simply becomes impossible for another. From there, there is a form of acceptance that is not at all resignation, but a form of distancing, without coldness, from situations that can be destructive. Because the idea in life is to stand tall. This is a bit like our destiny as humans! (She is laughing).

GALA: Do you feel like a strong woman?
IA: I would rather say that it is important for me not to consider myself weak.

“I’m not the one”

GALA: Have you ever considered yourself weak?
AI: Of course! I thought and felt weak. But here I feel strong. Because I am active and the MeToo hashtag helped me a lot to find strength in myself. Today I can tell myself. This allowed me to understand that I had the right not to be in the grip of feelings of inferiority in relationships not only with a man, but also with misogynistic intentions, which can sometimes come from a woman. Therefore, do not allow yourself to abuse authoritarian judgments. This movement was necessary for the society, but I discover to what an extent it was of great importance in our personal and personal relationships. I’m different.

GALA: An album with lyrics by such authors as Pascal Obispo, Benjamin Biolay, Gaetan Roussel will be released in the spring… But you also wrote a song. What is she talking about?
IA: It’s just a love refrain…

GALA: Do you want to be in love?
IA: What an idea! Yes, no, I’m in love with what I’m doing now, with life. At the end of the day, it’s very simple, I just need the people I love, starting with my kids, my friends and my cats, Rosa and Lizzy, to be healthy!

GALA: What do you miss today, Isabelle?
IA: I don’t think I have enough mental space to ask myself that question right now! (She is laughing).

GALA: Have you ever summoned the idealistic girl you used to be?
IA: She is calling me to tell me: “Go this way; don’t be afraid to sign petitions, one for people, one for animals; do not pay attention to what others will find fault with anyway; don’t think you’re wrong because your choices or beliefs have been questioned… If what you feel is right, what you do will be right. That’s what she tells me. And that’s what I would like to hear as a child. I want to continue to channel my positive energy almost through the capillaries to my sons when they need it. And the biggest gift of my current moment in life is to know that, despite the bad wind, they love their life.

This article can be found at Gala N°1534 on newsstands this Thursday, November 3, 2022.


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