INTERVIEW. “Our perception of time depends on our emotions” – Sciences et Avenir

This article is taken from Les Indispensables de Sciences et Avenir #210 July/September 2022.

Sylvie Droit-Vole is Professor of Social and Cognitive Psychology at the University of Clermont-Auvergne.

Sciences et Avenir: It would seem that the speed of time changes with age…

Sylvie Droit-Wole: “The older I get, the faster time flies!” Who hasn’t heard this kind of statement? But is it really so? We wanted to scientifically understand this feeling. We interviewed by phone eight times a day for five days students aged 20 to 70 and older people. The first question was: “When I call you, how quickly does time pass for you?” Each time we also asked them about their emotional state and activities. It turns out that there is no significant difference between the answers of one and the other. So, regardless of age, the feeling of the passage of time is the same. In the end, we came to the conclusion that in everyday life, in the present, time does not go faster when we get older.

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