Introduced Samsung Knox Guard for Enterprises

Samsung has introduced the latest security feature for businesses and enterprises, Samsung Knox Guard.

The new Knox Guard is designed to allow companies to temporarily lock down any devices they own to keep their information safe in case the device is lost or stolen.

Knox Guard provides companies with an easytouse solution to mitigate risk in the event of loss, theft, or theft of a corporate device. In these unexpected situations, corporate IT departments, carriers, and insurance companies can use Knox Guard to remotely temporarily lock the device, providing additional protection against unauthorized user access to its functions and data.

Once locked, the device becomes effectively unusable by anyone who steals or fraudulently acquires it, preventing the device from being reused or resold illegally. Access to its protected data is impossible – locally or remotely. When the issue is resolved, the IT admin can remotely and securely unlock the device using Knox Guard. Devices can also be unlocked when the Knox Guard administrator selects the PIN unlock option. The twostep verification system offers legitimate users and IT administrators an alternative way to unlock devices even when they are offline.

You can find out more information about the new Samsung Knox Guard on the Samsung website at the link below.


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