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Bitcoin will forever remain in the annals of financial history. This coin in a completely different way from conventional currencies has made its entrance to the world in recent decades. History will inevitably remember this coin, which operates differently from the others, which to this day attracts a large number of investors, both large and small, without this coming as surprising. Why are we talking about the element of surprise here? Because basically, several mysteries still revolve around this new coin. Given the figures with almost tempting offers shown in the bitcoin table, from its creation date to the present, it is quite logical to wonder about the merits of this coin. This article looks at the impact of investing in bitcoins.

Bitcoin, what it costs you

Let’s briefly analyze the history of some statistics displayed by Bitcoin in recent years. In 2013, for example, a bitcoin cost around $ 10; A few years later, that is as of 2017, it experienced a meteoric rise of $ 15,000. These numbers are the characteristics of an unstable currency that varies according to economic gales.

This characteristic of bitcoin reflects the risks you can take by investing your savings in it. In addition, one of the most important aspects to take into account in the case of bitcoins is the process of acquiring coins.

Bitcoin is considered by its affiliates as gold. And as such, to extract it, one must proceed through an extraction system called mining, which is generally very complex and even very hypothetical. The bitcoin mining process is carried out through mathematical calculations performed by the system’s computers made up of a chain of blocks. These calculations are difficult and require a lot of energy and patience.

It is also due to this increasing difficulty that the number of bitcoin creation has experienced a considerable drop, leaving 50 bitcoins mined every 10 minutes, in 2009, to 12.5 bitcoins mined today alone.

The bitcoin price, meanwhile, is based on uncertain variations. The year 2017 was particularly marked by an explosive entry of this cryptocurrency in the field of cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world, with figures showing an amount of $ 19,000 in just one year; In February 2021, that figure was estimated at more than $ 47,000.

These milestones have made Bitcoin the most famous cryptocurrency on the exchange market. However, despite this promising poster, bitcoin remains uncertain. Trade bitcoins on the official Bitcoin Code website

Should we invest in Bitcoin?

On the question of whether it would be beneficial to invest in bitcoin, opinions remain divergent. Some investors have been lucky enough to make a profit by investing in this cryptocurrency. But this was not the case for others, who saw their dream of making the bitcoin beneficiary list simply shattered.

In fact, the benefits linked to bitcoin transactions depend much more on the price of the latter. Investors who placed their funds when the price was at its peak will not regret having placed their fortune because they will have the opportunity to see their investment multiply. On the other hand, those who took to the transaction train when the price of bitcoin fell, will not have the same satisfaction as others.

The earnings from cryptocurrency platform transactions vary with market fluctuations.

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